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Are you experiencing headaches, neck or back pain?Is this because of your poor posture?

Learn why your posture is causing pain and discomfort. Bring your body back to its natural alignment with a free 15 minute postural assessment consultation.

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Canberra Acupuncture & Movement Therapy uses a combination of acupuncture,massage,Postural Restoration Institute techniques, Anatomy in Motion, Neurokinetic Therapy and Movnat ideas to help bring your body back to optimal alignment. 

The human body is a system of interrelated and interconnected systems. These systems can only work effectively
when in harmony with other systems. The bone and muscular structure is no different. Joints, bones, muscles and the nervous system will always adapt or modify in response to their environment.

Habits, routine and injury can result in certain body parts to become unresponsive, tight, stressed,
weak or long, and ultimately painful. 

Your body will always adapt and modify it's movement in response to stress placed upon it. Our goal is to discover why and how your body has modified itself in response to it's environment and function. Movement therapy is a process of learning how to integrate each joint, muscle and system into a fully adaptive and responsive body.

  In a typical session you will experience the following:

  • Detailed discussion of your previous medical history, experience, injury history and any health concerns.
  • Assessment of your body's alignment and mobility in all planes of motion and a detailed photo or video analysis of static and dynamic movement.
  • Treatment will consist of a combination of acupuncture, massage and manipulation of tissues and muscles.
  • Three dimensional movement re-education targets all 360 joints and 206 bones of your body to encourage and restore fluid movement.
At Canberra Acupuncture and Movement Therapy we treat the individual not the condition by utilising different assessment tools to understand the reason behind the dysfunction.  We specialise in the treatment of pain, which means finding the root cause of the dysfunction not chasing the pain or symptoms.  Pain is an indicator that the body is not working optimally and regions of the body may be stressed or overworking.  The body will compensate in many ways until movement is compromised and eventually pain manifests.

We specialise in:
                    Natural Pain management & treatment 
                    Sports injuries
                    Postural, movement and muscle assessment

We also treat:            
                    Skin disorders, Allergies
                    Stress relief, depression, anxiety
  Digestive disorders & Weight management
  Gynaecological disorders

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We are happy to answer any questions over the phone.
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